Why do some kitchen knives have holes in the blade?

Holes in knives may sound crazy to some. Indeed, this was the same to me when I saw them the first time, but little did I know that many years later, I would fall in love with them and never look back.

Having holes in knives helps increase efficiency when cutting and reduces friction. Some have thumb holes to open folding knives, and others have it to hang them easier. 

The very first time I saw a knife with holes, I thought, hey! This looks really cool! I immediately bought one just out of curiosity without asking why they had these holes in the first place. Coming home, I tried it and started noticing that with specific tasks, I had much more ease performing them. So the more I used it, the more it began to intrigue me.

I asked several professionals online to help me understand what their purpose was and if I had maybe overlooked some aspects. The more they explained, the more I realized that not alone, I had made an excellent purchase, but also once I knew the benefits of these features, I did not want to go back to an ordinary knife anymore.

Thanks to this new “discovery,” I started searching for other knives with similar attributes and aesthetics, and surprisingly some of them had holes for an entirely different reason.

Why Do Some Knives Have Holes

There are many reasons: it all depends on the type of knife. All of them have a hole or several holes that serve a purpose. To give you an example, a chef knife with holes helps reducing friction while cutting. A cheese knife enables you to reduce the cheese to stick on your knife.

So each has its purpose. Some holes at the top of the knife will prevent ‘wobble’ as the blade is sharpened, which can occur if the edge is held at the handle. And some people even say that they have holes simply to make it lighter or they made them so it would be cheaper to produce since less metal would be used in the process.

I understand to some of you this might not be something that is really necessary, but once you get hooked to it, you might just as I see it as a necessity.

What is the hole in a knife blade used for?

As I previously mentioned. For me, once I started using it, I could not go back to a regular knife anymore. And I think once you start seeing the benefits of it you understand that the same tasks can be done with this knife but you can do even better and much more efficiently.

But does this mean you really need it? No, you can do just fine without one. There are other knives out there with grooves (dimples) that have very similar features and advantages as this knife. However, to me, these knives suit me well. I prefer to have less stuff sticking on my blade, which can easily frustrate me.

There is also one other reason which may sound weird, but, I simply love how they look like. The fact that they are so different is, to me, very appealing. But this is more of personal preference.

What kind of knife has holes in it?

They all have holes but for a reason. I have made a list below with just a few examples, but there are many others out there. You might even own one, and you might not also have noticed their benefits.

Cheese knifePrevents the cheese from sticking. This the most known and is very common in any kitchen household.
Santoku chef knife This one has several holes which also prevent from vegetables and meat from sticking.
Spyderco Knife (Pocket knife)It helps to fold the knife to open with one hand. If the blade is small, it also reduces weight.
Meat cleaversIt only has one hole which is used to hang it.
MacheteIt only has one hole which is used to hang it.

Benefits only benefits

I know I have said this before, but it is because they do have only advantages. I guess changing to knives that have an extra feature that can be used for the same tasks as a regular knife would be very logical, heck, I would even say why should you not buy one? Finally, to me, it all comes down to, will this tool make my life easier? Yes? I go for it!

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